Computer Science


    Within our current chronological age of technology, the amount of jobs within the area of computer systems seems endless. Computer science careers often are at the top of the list when it comes to articles and news stories pushing hot new career programs. Earning a CS bachelors degree can be the first step toward a new lifestyle. With the advent of Online degree programs, more and more potential students are able to take advantage of the growing job market for CS graduates. However, these degrees require diligence, hard work, and an interest that extends beyond the paycheck. Still if you have decided that you are going to a CS BA, then you need to begin looking for programs to enter.

    Course Work

    Course work for an online computer science curriculum can include classes for instance networking, web applications, Software Development, Security, database programming, operating systems. The online-degree focuses mainly on the software side. Programming in different languages is taught in this field. Languages like C-plus plus, C, Pascal and Java. Computer-degrees offer courses in architecture, software development, computer networks, and data structures. It also teaches programming concepts, programming and operating software.

    Example Courses

    • Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Systems Programming Languages
    • Software Engineering
    • Mathematical Modeling
    • Algebraic Structures

    Job Outlook

    Job prospects for graduates of an Online Computer Science Degree program typically have no problem finding work. One school boasted a recruitment rate of nearly 3 job offers per graduate of the CS program. With high demand comes attractive starting salary as well. Some graduates of an Online Computer Science Degree program can expect anywhere from seventy thousand to one hundred thousand dollar starting salaries right out of college according to a survey by BLS. A typical computer-programmer earns about $70K/Year..

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    Median salaries*

    • Network and Computer Systems Administrator: $70,000
    • Computer Programmer: $72,000
    • Web Developer/Computer Network Architect: $76,600
    • Computer Systems Analyst: $79,800
    • Software Developer: $91,500
    • Computer and Information Systems Manager: $116,800

    *per the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

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