Criminal Justice


    Have you ever thought to choose rewarding and meaningful career in your life? If yes, then you can think considering an Online Criminal Justice Degree. The degree is accomplished at Associate, Bachelor and Master level, and if a candidate wants to do doctorate degree in a particular field, then they can also opt for the research program. This valuable degree can be milestone in your career graph as it gives a number of job opportunities in private and public sectors.

    Course Work

    This degree opens doors for array range of career options. Some famous specializations that it covers are defense, court, law enforcement, corrections, private security and trail. But, Law enforcement, corrections and forensic science are very famous among students, as it gives exciting professions to make career as a Crime Investigator, FBI agent, Correction officer, ATF agent, Court Reporter and others. A candidate must have passion to solve the problems in an analytical way. Employment in justice and law field demands Bachelor’s qualifications in criminal justice, Social work, Psychology and other certificates. Master’s and associate degree gives extra advantage for acquiring good job as it offers many challenging career options as law enforcement in state, central state and private level. A candidate must have analytical skill and problem solving skills to work efficiently.

    Example Courses

    • Criminal Procedure
    • Research Methods in Criminal Justice
    • Investigating Cyber Crime
    • Crisis Negotiation
    • Abnormal Psychology

    Job Outlook

    According to The U.S. Department of Labor, there will likely be a 25 percent increase in corrections across the country. Quite simply, national and private security is becoming more and more of a concern and as a result the demand for professionals in the field continues to grow. In the recent years, the need for criminal justice professionals has dramatically increased. Professionals are required for assisting in investigations, for working in prisons, for homeland security, and for protecting property. Students must have a clean criminal record in order to work at federal level- no crime or drug convictions. Being a defaulter on a federal student loan can also lead to disqualifying of students from working in a government agency. Governments at all levels as well as private companies and even private individuals can hire someone who has pursued a criminal justice degree online. Thanks to the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security and thanks to funding provided by security grants throughout the nation, security jobs are more plentiful and offer more room for advancement than ever before.

    Median salaries*

    • Jailer: $40,000
    • Private Investigator: $45,000
    • Paralegal: $46,600
    • Probation Officer: $48,000
    • Police or Sheriff Patrol Officer: $54,00
    • Detective or Criminal Investigator: $69,00

    *per the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

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