Early Childhood Education


    Early childhood education is an exciting field of work that does not really resemble any other type of work. It is strongly connected to children and their early development; it involves working with actual small human beings who are thirsty for knowledge and their formation as individuals. It is both fun and exciting, but also extremely rewarding on a personal and financial level.

    The best part about taking these teaching assistant courses online is that it offers many benefits compared to a physical education facility. The most important benefit is of course the flexibility that online courses offer students. When you take your teaching assistant courses online you get a chance to socialize with other students in your course chat rooms. But much more than that, you are exposed to knowledge from professors around the world who have a lot to offer that cannot be found in books. This particular degree is easily obtainable. You won’t have to go through a lot of hardships to get your degree, the exams are not that difficult given the fact that you are preparing to become a kindergarten teacher, for instance, and the special emphasis will be more on the psychological component of your teaching methods. You need to show proof you are ready to work with children, you are not aggressive and you can reach their own level of understanding and work from there.

    Course Work

    Early Childhood Education teaching courses are for those who want to turn their love of children and teaching into a successful profession. Early Childhood Education teaching assistant courses focus on the different stages of child development and how those stages correlate to teaching methods. These courses include primary reading methods, primary and elementary mathematics methods, and elementary science methods. You will learn how to assess play and child development. How do peer dynamics influence learning? Does the family functions play a relevant role in development and thus, learning? Is the child a visual learner? Also, a well-trained Early Childhood Education teacher will always know how changes in cognitive, socio-cultural, emotional, and moral development affect learning. These Early Childhood Education teaching assistant courses include in-depth information about lifespan development from elementary to middle school and high school. Early childhood education teachers learn how to work with special needs children within the confines of legal foundations and the education requirements. These detailed and certified courses lead you on the path to become an Early Childhood Education teacher once you achieve your bachelor’s degree and the certification.

    Example Courses

    • Classroom Management
    • Language Development in the Young Child
    • Early Childhood Curriculum
    • Children’s Literacy
    • Learning Through Play
    • Observation and Assessment
    • Educational Psychology
    • Cultural and Social Foundations of Education
    • Creative Activities for Young Children


    Job Outlook

    Typically, the salary range for people working in the field of Early Childhood Education is between $35,000 and $45,000 as per Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can also have the option of earning a supplemental income by coaching a sport or leading an extracurricular activity. During the off months when the school is in vacation, you can also earn extra income by tutoring or a part time job.

    Median salaries*

    • Child Care Worker: $19,000
    • Teacher Assistant: $23,000
    • Preschool Teacher: $26, 000
    • Preschool and Child Care Center Director: $43,000

    *per the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

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