Family and Human Development


    Students that have a special interest in areas that include psychology, sociology, anthropology, and biology should contemplate earning an online degree in human development. Online schooling provides students with plenty of specializations to choose from because the field is so broad.

    Course Work

    A bachelor’s degree program can prepare students through courses that place a strong emphasis on working with children, adults, and the elderly. Students learn about an individual’s lifespan and how it affects them in a variety of areas. This study breaks down different aspects of a lifespan by providing subject matter on cognitive, physical, social, and family development and how it applies to everyday life. Curriculum could include topics on advanced adolescent development, adulthood, child abuse, gerontology, and human development. Coursework in this human development major program builds skills in observation, program development and implementation, grant writing, and social policy information.

    Example Courses

    • Family Development
    • Resolving Human Development and Family Problems
    • Healthy Couple Relationships
    • Infant and Child Development
    • Parenting Across the Life Span
    • Families in the Legal Environment
    • Skill Training for Individual and Family Intervention
    • Family Research and Methodology

    Job Outlook

    Graduates of family & human development often seek employment as researchers and administrators, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS also stated that many employers look for applicants who have completed post-doctoral fellowships. Human development is a diverse field with many career options, including social work. BLS data indicates employment prospects for social workers during the 2010-2020 period were predicted to be favorable, with a projected job growth rate of 25%. In 2012, social workers earned a median annual salary of $54,560, according to BLS.

    Median Salaries*

    • Environmental Analyst: $42,000
    • Environmental Scientist: $50,000
    • Environmental Specialist: $52,000
    • Environmental Consultant: $55,000
    • Sustainability Consultant: $57,000
    • Environmental Project Manager: $66,000
    • Environmental Health and Safety Manager: $80,000
    • Environmental Consulting Program Manager: $81,000

    *per the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

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