Homeland Security


    With security issues rising every day, so are the available jobs that go with protecting this nation. Homeland Security is the fastest growing branch of the United States government, and as long as the borders are not being monitored as effectively as they should be, and with so many crying out against profiling those crossing them, there will always be job security for those who enter into this profession. Along with the need for tightened security, there is a need for emergency management to deal with the consequences of attacks and natural disasters. This comprehensive degree program educates security professionals in both areas.

    Course Work

    Homeland security bachelors degree program focuses on managing public security in conjunction with federal resources, and covers topics such as domestic and international terrorism; multijurisdictional coordination; and diplomatic, technological and intelligence approaches to national security. These programs are designed to help graduates gain employment in the field by providing them with knowledge of the organizational structure of the various homeland security agencies and training them for the administrative aspects of supervisory positions. Many graduates go on to receive specialized training in law enforcement, investigations, immigration law, foreign policy and emergency management.

    Example Courses

    • International Terrorism
    • Network Security
    • Drugs and Crime
    • Risk Analysis
    • Natural Disaster Management
    • Psychology of Terrorism
    • Interagency Communication

    Job Outlook

    While Homeland Security is one of the newest branches of government, it is certainly not one of the lowest paying jobs. A Security specialist can expect to enter this service with a pay range of $45,000 to $60,000 per year depending on the type of job secured. The average Homeland Security job salary is $54,000.00, but can range from $33,000.00 to 77,000, according to BLS. With 23 departments in this one branch of government alone, the outlook is good for those wishing to become part of Homeland Security. Some of those departments are Immigration, United States Customs, Military Advisor’s Office, Office of Inspector General, Federal Law enforcement Training Center, and the Secret Service.

    Using a homeland security degree can allow you to do a lot of things. You will be gainfully employed once you complete your course requirements. Additionally, you will protect against terrorism, and take patriotic pride in knowing that you help with keeping your country strong and safe.

    Median Salaries*

    • Security Screener, Airline: $24,800 – $44,300
    • Border Patrol Agent: $31,900 – $79,000
    • Emergency Management Specialist: $34,700 – $95,000
    • Air Marshal: $46,800 – $125,400
    • Program Analyst: $58,500 – $135,700

    *per the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

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