Interior Design


    Interior Design is a fast growing field, many North Americans absolutely love their homes and many have the money to spend to upgrade to the styles they want. This is where the Interior Designer can show off their creativity and flair for modern design learned through an online interior design program.

    An interior designer must have talent and skill. This talent and skill is nurtured and brought to the forefront by having the proper education whether it be through a college or university campus or by earning an online interior design degree from an accredited school.

    Course Work

    An online interior design degree will train the designer to work in a wide range of fields such as residential, commercial, sales or specialized design for specific industries. Interior design course work also covers specialty design, including exhibit design, hospitality design, retail store design and corporate design. To be competitive and successful in interior design you must be up to date on new materials, specific building codes and zoning laws of your area. In addition, you will learn how to communicate interior design solutions through a variety of visual media. An interior design program will also provide an opportunity to explore different areas of the designer profession for those who may wish to specialize. Exhibits are one area of design with special considerations. Lighting, presentation, safety, security and style vary with the type of exhibit. Stores and offices have the added consideration of the furniture or equipment being a part of the workflow. Residential projects incorporate all of these aspects as well as the individuality of the homeowner.

    Example Courses

    • Programming and Space Planning
    • Fundamentals of Design
    • History of Interiors and Architecture
    • Residential Design
    • Materials and Sources
    • Color: Perception and Application
    • Introduction to Sustainable Design
    • Restaurant and Retail Design

    Job Outlook

    The demand for Interior designers will continue to grow into the future as more and more focus on ergonomics, high-tech construction materials and the desire of many families to spend more time at home. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of interior designers is expected to increase by 19 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

    Median Salaries*

    • Assistant Interior Designer: $35,000
    • Junior Interior Designer: $39,000
    • Senior Interior Designer: $66,000
    • Design Director, Interior Design: $85,000

    *per the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

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