Public Safety Administration


    The Bachelor of Science degree in Public Safety Administration will offer a combination of public administration and management courses that focus on public policy issues ranging from budget development to grant writing and property management, administrative law, social policy and event response. This bachelor’s degree completion program provides a theoretical and applied approach to the professional education of students, while ensuring relevance to the homeland security and public safety industries. The public safety and emergency management degree emphasizes the fundamentals of emergency management while providing an interdisciplinary course of study in the skills and practices of emergency planning and management. The program highlights the application of research methodology; the utilization of communication skills at the personal, professional, and public level; and the development of professional skills and knowledge in the fields of public safety and emergency management.

    Course Work

    This program develops competencies that help students solve management problems, understand finance and budgets, fine tune strategic plans, develop and evaluate programs, enhance human resource potential, increase productivity and address internal organizational issues.

    The BAS/PSA degree, along with the appropriate certifications, prepares graduates for entry-level positions in law enforcement, fire services, corrections, emergency medical services, emergency administration management, and industrial security enterprises in government and private sector agencies.

    Example Courses

    Example courses

    • Public Safety Research and Technology
    • Public Safety Issues and Challenges
    • Criminal Justice Data, Methods and Resources
    • Terrorism and Public Policy
    • Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice
    • Emergency Services Administration
    • Introduction to Homeland Security
    • Community Relations Theory and Practice


    Job Outlook

    Based on reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of Police and detectives, including federal law enforcement agents, should increase by five percent between 2012 and 2022. A seven percent increase is projected for firefighters during the same decade. The BLS estimated that patrol officers earned an average yearly salary of $57,770 in 2012. Supervisors of fire fighting and prevention workers received $71,190 in average annual compensation, while emergency management directors averaged $64,730 per year.

    Median Salaries*

    • Fire Inspector: $48,000
    • State Trooper: $53,000
    • Fire Marshal: $55,500
    • Emergency Management Specialist: $54,000
    • Director of Business Continuity and Emergency Management: $63,000
    • Emergency Manager: $67,000
    • Security Director: $71,000
    • Police Lieutenant: $76,000
    • Deputy Fire Chief: $79,800
    • Deputy Chief, Police Department: $79,000

    *per the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

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